Anushka and Katrina reveal their real problems with Deepika?

Deepika Padukone was cheated by Ranbir Kapoor, when he started dating Katrina. So, we understand why that would make Deepika uncomfortable with Kat, and vice versa. But things seemed to be going well, when the two warmed up to each other at Karan Johar’s birthday bash this year. The reason for this warming up was chalked out to be Ranveer Singh. Now, Ranveer Singh formerly dated Anushka, and it turns out, even she has an issue with Deepika.

These cold wars could come to an end only, if these actresses stopped giving out statements regarding each other. No matter how subtle they try to be by not naming the other one, the world still knows who is being talked about.

Katrina and Anushka share a good bond and it was evident on the Koffee with Karan episode where the two appeared together. What was also evident, was the fact that both the leading ladies did not have a place for Deepika in their hearts. Deepika however replied to it gracefully, and, congratulated the two on twitter.


Anushka and Katrina reveal their real problems with Deepika?


In a recent interview with a leading daily, the actresses made these statements:

Katrina KaifI think the working environment should be pleasant for everybody. The less stress, the better it is. If there's any conflict between two people, it doesn't make for a nice environment for anyone. But it doesn't really matter at the end of the day. Everyone has become really, really professional when it comes to work. We come, we work, and we go home. Aanand's film has a really good script and I'm happy that Anushka is in the film. She is a very simple, chilled out person to work with and that's great.

Anushka SharmaWhether I get along with someone or don't, doesn't matter. I don't need to get along with everybody around me. It's just the vibe thing. Sometimes, you feel the vibe and connect with someone, sometimes you don't. How you are in a place and how the other person is, that's what matters. They can't be pretentious. It can't be that they are being normal and you are not being normal or the other way round. All these things do play a role. I'm happy that with Katrina and me, things are quite transparent and real!

Now, if you would let us remind you, rumours had it that Katrina had Deepika replaced by Anushka in Anand L Rai’s dwarf film that also stars Shahrukh Khan. So, it wouldn’t be a wild guess, if we suggest that these statements have been made in regards with Deepika.

As much as we want everything to mend between this trio, we still enjoy the school girl politics.